Symantec Continuity Plan

More people trust Symantec to backup, recover and discover their information, than anyone.

Continuity Plan

Architect and automate your IT Business Continuity Plan by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) across numerous platforms and operating systems – physical, virtual, and cloud – with Symantec high availability, disaster recovery, and data protection solutions.

Continuity Plan's Benefits:

  • Seconds to Minutes : To meet your business continuity plan’s strictest of SLAs, Symantec's high availability and wide-area disaster recovery technologies deliver fully automated failover capabilities to make sure risk of downtime is minimized and entire business services can be restored in less than a minute.
  • Minutes to Hours : A unique combination of Symantec high availability, replication, and backup solutions lets you better balance cost and risk for less-than-mission-critical services and applications – where the SLAs are still aggressive, but where fully automated wide-area protection may not be obligatory.
  • Hours to Days : Symantec solutions help you create a well-balanced business-continuity plan. For less-than-critical SLAs, Symantec backup and recovery technologies are a cost-effective option that provides manual recovery capabilities across heterogeneous environments from a single console.

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