Symantec Cluster Server

More people trust Symantec to backup, recover and discover their information, than anyone.

Cluster Server

Symantec Cluster Server powered by Veritas keeps your most important applications running 24x7 with no manual intervention and automates your disaster recovery plans with predictable results and efficiency. Cluster Server provides a foolproof solution for detecting risks to application availability and automates the recovery of applications for high availability and disaster recovery.

Cluster Server's Key Features:

Automates database and application failover within a data center or to multiple remote data centers.

Dynamically determines application failover target with AdaptiveHA based on forecasted available capacity at target system

Supports heterogeneous physical and virtual operating system platforms with out-of-the-box solutions for all major database, application, and storage vendors.

Cluster Server's Benefits:

  • Ensures availability of mission critical applications and databases during planned and unplanned downtime by monitoring the status of the application and providing fast application failover in the event of an outage or disaster.
  • Reduces training and labor costs, as well as software licensing and support by using the same clustering tool across all physical and virtual operating system platforms.
  • Recover failed applications running in VMware environments faster and with less downtime without the requirement for VM reboots.
  • Builds confidence that the recovery plan will work if a disaster were to happen.

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