Symantec NetBackup Analyzer

NetBackup Analyzer is a non-intrusive tool that provides meaningful metrics to ensure you are utilizing the NetBackup platform to its full potential.

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Fill out the form to the right to request an assessment. NetBackup Analyzer is designed to provide key characteristics of your environment to ensure you are utilizing the NetBackup platform to its full potential. Key metrics include data volume, number of clients, media servers, level of virtualization protection, as well as potential savings from deduplication and archive technologies. This is a non-intrusive tool that requires no additional code to be installed on your servers.

Here is a sample of the information that will be included in your report:

  • Estimate of how much data is being protected by NetBackup with user initiated backups and scheduled backups
  • Approximation of what percentage of the environment is virtualized based upon the utilization of the NetBackup VMware and FlashBackup policy types
  • The amount of data being stored in the backups of the top 5 highest consumers of backup volume with the associated policy
  • Lists the 10 clients that take the longest to back up
  • Aggregate view of how much data by policy type was backed up to NBU during the review period, and the potential backup volume reduction if NetBackup deduplication were utilized

ConRes Symantec Services:

Continental Resources, a Symantec Platinum Partner, can assist you with a number of products and solutions for your data center. As a Symantec Platium Partner, ConRes holds a number of Sales Solution Accreditations, featuring SSE Netbackup and Puredisk 6.5, IM Manager, Security Information Manager, and more.

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