Symantec NetBackup Appliance

More people trust Symantec to backup, recover and discover their information, than anyone.

NetBackup Appliance

The NetBackup Appliances feature the entire NetBackup Platform suite on performance-optimized hardware to form a single turnkey solution for backup, deduplication, and storage. Deploying an Appliance when you’re refreshing media servers, protecting remote offices, or modernizing protection in the data center means a dramatic reduction in operating expenses and integration complexity. To learn more from ConRes, fill out the form to the right.

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Here's what's included:

  • Estimate of how much data is being protected by NetBackup

  • Approximation of what percentage of the environment is virtualized

  • Lists the 10 clients that take the longest to back up

Symantec NetBackup Appliances simplifies the complexity of enterprise level backup by combining all the elements of an enterprise level backup solution into one end-to-end backup appliance that can be fully integrated into your existing environment, and as important, that is completely supported and maintained by ConRes and Symantec.

Data volumes are continuing to grow, and as a result backup windows are becoming tighter, getting data onto tape can be a tedious process, and storage costs are beginning to escalate.

How can the NetBackup Appliances help:

  • The NetBackup Appliances are quick and easy to deploy NetBackup Media and Master Servers
  • Faster backups through client deduplication
  • Automated offsite backups through optimized duplication – minimize or eliminate tape handling
  • Dedupe disk storage is not much more in cost compared to tape
  • No need to involve other server, software (OS) and / or storage team for purchase, deployment & patching
  • Single Vendor Support for NetBackup Infrastructure
  • Hardware specifically tuned for NetBackup
  • Lower TCO as NetBackup Appliances need far less management

NetBackup: Software:

The NetBackup Platform is a holistic backup and recovery solution that is optimized for virtually any workload, whether physical, virtual, arrays, or big data, and delivers truly flexible target storage options, whether tape, 3rd party disk, appliances, including the NetBackup Deduplication Appliances and Integrated Backup Appliances, or cloud.

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“ We have been thoroughly pleased with our decisions to use Symantec NetBackup data recovery services. It has enabled us to streamline all of our virtual and physical data as well as reducing cost, complexity and overall risk when virtualizing applications.”

Director of IT,
Financial Institution